Brace up for another historic win, says Jagan

  • Published Feb 04, 2024 | 10:10 AMUpdated Feb 04, 2024 | 10:10 AM
  • Published Feb 04, 2024 | 10:10 AMUpdated Feb 04, 2024 | 10:10 AM
Brace up for another historic win, says Jagan

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy gave a clarion call to the YSRCP cadre to get ready to bring another historic victory for the Party in the ensuing elections by spreading the message of welfare and social justice to the doorstep of people.

Addressing a sea of humanity at the Party’s preparatory public meeting ‘Siddham’ here on Saturday, the Chief Minister told them that YSRCP took birth from the sweat and aspirations of people and its clean sweep only will ensure the continuity of the slew of welfare schemes.

“Our target is to get clear mandate for 175 assembly and 25 Lok Sabha seats in the next elections. A vote for the TDP and Jana Sena will only result in revoking of all welfare schemes,” he said.

Stating that he had clicked the button 124 times to disburse a whopping Rs 2, 55, 000 crore through DBT for welfare schemes to eligible beneficiaries with transparency in the last 57 months, the Chief Minister said and called upon the cadre to advise people to press two buttons for the YSRCP, one for the Assembly and the other for the Lok Sabha in the ensuing elections.

Unable to pedal his cycle alone, Chandrababu who is a non-resident Andhra, is seeking the support of other non-resident politicians like Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan, his coverts in BJP like his sister-in-law and the political parties that ditched the State, to push it through, he said.

“The gang of four, like a pack of wolves, is aiming all sorts of arrows at me thinking I am alone. But they don’t know you are my armour and would teach them a fitting lesson,” he said.

Asserting that he is the servant of people, a clean sweep of YSRCP will help them get perennial relief from Chandragrahanam, he said, adding the reality is that Jagan has earned a permanent place in the hearts of crores of people.

“You and God are my confidence and strength, The sea of humanity here proves that if people believe a leader, the response becomes like this,” he said.

The opposition, with the support of the friendly media, has declared a war on welfare, administrative reforms and the transformation of villages, the Chief Minister said adding that it is an attack on the transformation of education, schools and the health sector.

If people want to get the enhanced monthly pension at their door step at sun rise on first of every month along with the benefits of other welfare schemes without any bias, YSRCP needs to continue in power and this should be clearly conveyed to the people, he said.

While Chandrababu cannot claim to have even a single achievement to his credit despite ruling the State for 14 years, we have transformed all villages from Kuppam to Ichhapuram by launching the volunteer system, secretariats, RBKs, village clinics and family doctors and taking preventive health care to the door step of people through Jagananna Arogya Suraksha, he said.

“We have also rendered social justice to SC, ST, BC and minorities by allotting them 68 per cent positions in the Cabinet, 50 per cent in nominated posts and contracts besides building 17 new medical colleges, 10 fishing harbours, 4 new sea ports, creating 213, 000 new government job, distributing 31 lakh house site pattas and constructing 22 lakh houses,” he said.

He asked the cadre to become his solders and star campaigners and script a historical victory for the YSRCP in the forthcoming elections by defeating the evil forces led by TDP.