Prasanna Vadanam Review

  • Published May 03, 2024 | 9:13 PMUpdated May 03, 2024 | 9:13 PM
  • Published May 03, 2024 | 9:13 PMUpdated May 03, 2024 | 9:13 PM
Prasanna Vadanam Review


Surya, a Radio Jockey, struggles with Prosopagnosia, commonly known as Face Blindness, rendering him incapable of recognizing even the faces of his closest companions. Only his friend Vignesh and girlfriend Aadhya are privy to his condition. One night, he becomes the only witness to a murder but is unable to identify the perpetrator due to his ailment. Seeking help, he approaches ACP Vaidehi, but circumstances take an unexpected turn. What happens next? Were the police able to apprehend the criminal? Despite his condition, did Surya play a crucial role in solving the case? Unravel the mysteries by witnessing this gripping story in theaters.


Suhas,who is getting a good image as an actor, fearlessly embraces a different character struggling with Face Blindness. Actress Rashi Singh’s performance highlights her versatility in a challenging role. Payal Radhakrishna and Harsha Chemudu delivered commendable performances, while Nitin Prasanna was fine in his role. The remaining supporting cast members were appropriate.


Director Arjun Y K has made the film by attributing a less-known medical condition to the lead role. He does not waste much time and gets into the story from the first scene. The way he handled the pre and post-interval portions is commendable, and the idea of linking the love track to the hero’s condition in the climax was also exciting. However, the middle portions in the first half and the more significant portion in the second half look a bit aimless because of the inconsistency in the narration, which should have been taken care of.


Suhas’s Performance and the main plot are the big plus points for Prasanna Vadanam. Also, the movie presents an unforeseen plot twist during the intermission and a few exhilarating moments in the latter part.


Despite its captivating concept, Prasanna Vadanam falls short in maintaining a compelling momentum, thereby diminishing its overall influence. A more concentrated screenplay could have greatly amplified the film’s effectiveness, especially in the latter half. The flashback scenes related to the murder seem unoriginal, drawing inspiration from well-known Telugu movies. The Pre Climax parts are needlessly dragged and the Climax part starts well but that episode also gets stretched and ends abruptly.

Review: (2.5/5)

Last Line: Prasanna Vadanam – Exciting Concept Handled in a Middling Way