Chow Chow Bath OTT Release Details

On a mid-March day, Director Kenja Chethan Kumar’s Chow Chow Bath made its way to the theaters amidst the presence of 4-5 other new Kannada films. However, the main attraction was the re-release of the late Puneeth Rajkumar’s Jackie. Chow Chow Bath garnered favorable reviews in theaters, and the team proudly announced its successful 50-day run in select movie halls. Now, the film is ready to make its debut on OTT platforms, as the OTT Platform Cinebazzar plans to release it to the audience on May 23.

Chow Chow Bath marks Chethan’s third venture as a director, following his previous works Prema Geema Jaane Do and Devaru Bekagiddare. This time, he presents a delightful romantic comedy that intertwines three love stories. The first story revolves around Sachin (Dhanush Baikampady), who proposes to Saanvi (Prakarsha Shastry), but she hesitates because of her sister’s unmarried status. In the second story, Shashank (Sagar) encounters his soulmate at a railway station, while the third story features Sathya (Sankalp H Sharma) falling head over heels for a girl he meets at a medical camp. The film delves into the journey of these three couples, exploring whether they will find their happily ever after. Throughout the film’s time in theaters, the authentic storytelling style of Chethan’s narrative and the departure from typical commercial film conventions were praised as its strengths. The impressive performances from the relatively inexperienced cast also added to its appeal. Overall, Chow Chow Bath was deemed a worthwhile film to watch on a single occasion. If this piques your interest, you can book access to the movie on the streaming platform.

Cinebazzar OTT, a Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) platform, offers a variety of titles for its viewers. These include Vasanthi, featuring Bhoomi Shetty, Shri Lambodara Vivaha, starring Disha Ramesh and Anjan Bharadwaj; Ranchi, featuring Prabhu Mundkur, and Juliet 2, starring Brinda Acharya, among several others.

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