Abhraham Ozler OTT Review

  • Published Mar 20, 2024 | 11:54 PMUpdated Mar 20, 2024 | 11:54 PM
  • Published Mar 20, 2024 | 11:54 PMUpdated Mar 20, 2024 | 11:54 PM
Abhraham Ozler OTT Review



Jayaram was convincing as a police officer who has faced his own share of personal hardships and is unwavering in his quest to catch a serial murderer. Mammootty delivered a strong performance in his extended cameo, making a rather intriguing entrance. Saiju Kurup’s character, although crucial to the story, was unfortunately not given enough screen time. Anaswara convincingly portrayed an 80s college girl despite having a limited scope. Jagadish’s portrayal of the remorseless doctor was also quite convincing. Dileep Pothan and others were apt.


Director Midhun Manuel Thomas presents a unique thriller that captivates the audience’s curiosity until the very end, leaving them guessing about the intricacies of the plot. The narrative in the first half is based more on investigation, and the twists begin to appear from the interval. The second half starts to give all the answers and ends the loopholes with an unexpected end scene. Both halves maintain a feel of tension, while the latter half has a few underwhelming parts.


Jayaram and Mammootty’s performances were intact and embodied the essence of their characters and the movie. The twists were well placed in the film, with almost everyone landing well without giving a feel of a regular tone. The clues Ozhler and his team found towards the interval were incredibly excellent, and the way the director handled the whole pre-climax and climax was commendable.


The flashback comes across as very regular. The initial scene itself tells us the entire proceedings. Also, starting the backstory with a song did not help much and deviated from the intensity. A few dialogues and scenes appear too dramatic, which could have been avoided. There a few logical errors in the film. For example, the medical condition of the ozler was left midway.


Last Line: A neat thriller