Bhaje Vaayu Vegam Review

  • Published May 31, 2024 | 9:48 PMUpdated May 31, 2024 | 9:49 PM
  • Published May 31, 2024 | 9:48 PMUpdated May 31, 2024 | 9:49 PM
Bhaje Vaayu Vegam Review


Venkat (Kiran Abbavaram) and Raju (Rahul Tyson) are the children of a hardworking farmer (Tanikella Bharani). The brothers arrive in the city to pursue their dreams. Venkat wants to become a cricketer, while Raju gets a job as a software engineer, but both are severely cheated. As fate would have it, Venkat gets involved in IPL betting to get the money for his father’s treatment. All these incidents add to Chaos, and Venkat and Raju get involved in a big scam involving David (Ravi Shankar), a mafia don and brother of Hyderabad’s mayor. The rest of the story is about how Venkat solves all the problems and saves himself.


Kartikeya is a perfect fit for the role. His performance in all the action sequences is genuinely stunning. Iswarya Menon may have a little to do, but the unexpected twist involving her adds an exciting element that ends the first half on a high note. Ravi Shankar, portraying the main villain, delivers a strong performance that adds depth to the film, especially in tense situations. Rahul Tyson, known for his role in Happy Days, makes a successful comeback with a substantial role that is on par with that of a hero. He embodies his character with great skill. Tanikella Bharani also leaves a lasting impression with his impressive performance.


Prashant Reddy is at the helm of the movie Bhaje Vaayu Vegam. The narrative clicks all the boxes of a crime thriller in which proceedings unfold within a day. The film opens with an intriguing scene at a police station, followed by a flashback that delves into a prolonged melodramatic sequence until the pre-interval mark. While the first half’s pace is slow and too melodramatic, the tone changes from the pre-interval mark and maintains the same pace until the second half.


The film’s major advantage is its complex plot twists and turns, which are presented in an engaging manner and keep viewers hooked until the conclusion. The latter half of the film, especially, is packed with gripping drama and excitement, making it an exciting watch. Director Prashanth Reddy deserves credit for his intelligent writing. Despite the plot’s simplicity, including drama and thrills, it elevates Bhaje Vaayu Vegam to a highly gripping experience.


The movie starts off with a deliberate pace, as the director takes his time to establish the core narrative. However, this slow build-up continues for a significant portion of the film, with the actual plot not fully revealed until about twenty minutes in. This pacing may be a drawback for some viewers. Additionally, the dynamic between the two villain characters could have been more thoroughly explored, and the dramatic tone in certain scenes may come across as cliche.

Rating: 3/5

Last Line: Bhaje Vaayu Vegam – A Reasonable Thriller