Apple’s First Foldable Device Is On The Way!

Apple’s First Foldable Device Is On The Way!

The foldable device revolution continues to pick up steam, and Apple may finally be ready to throw its hat in the ring, based on new reports. Industry sources in Korea claim Apple’s first foldable gadget could arrive in 2026 or 2027 with a 7-8″ internal screen size.

This folds in the iPad mini’s rumored range, sparking speculation that it could replace that product in Apple’s portfolio. But with a new OLED iPad mini generation allegedly being tested for 2024, discontinuing it so soon seems odd.

Either way, Apple is diving into foldable R&D. They’ve supposedly received 6-7″ screen samples from Samsung and LG to evaluate. But going bigger for its debut foldable makes sense to create a more immersive experience.

Samsung would likely be the initial display supplier, given their vast expertise in foldable panels for phones. LG may come on board as a second source around a year later if Apple pursues a dual supplier approach.

Down the road, a 20.25″ foldable iPad/Mac hybrid could also launch around 2028 per the report. But Apple still has lots of kinks to work out before finalizing designs and specs.

A 7-8” foldable filling of the iPad mini’s shoes poses challenges. The mini’s portable single-screen design has its perks versus a bulkier folding form factor. Price will also be crucial, with foldable still carrying premium price tags.

But a foldable iPad/iPhone hybrid could open exciting multitasking possibilities. Apple has the resources and drive for innovation to reinvent form factors potentially. A 2026-2027 foldable debut seems realistic as Apple takes its time perfecting the technology before diving in.