True Lover Movie Review: Fair but an elongated drama

  • Published Feb 10, 2024 | 2:23 PMUpdated Feb 10, 2024 | 2:23 PM
  • Published Feb 10, 2024 | 2:23 PMUpdated Feb 10, 2024 | 2:23 PM
True Lover Movie Review: Fair but an elongated drama


Arun and Divya have been dating for around six years, since they met during college. Arun’s possessive and aggressive nature becomes the reason for issues between the couple. Arun has ambitions to start a café, but finding investors is becoming increasingly challenging. Arun follows Divya’s advice and joins a job, but it does not last long. Various reasons cause more disputes between Arun and Divya. Did Arun and Divya get together by clearing all their relationship problems come to a halt? This is what follows the rest of the story.


Manikandan, and Sri Gouri Priya have performed superbly. Especially Manikandan lived in the character of Arun. Kanna Ravi, Harish, Saravanan, Harini Sundararajan, Harish Nagalakshmi Kumar, Geetha Kailasam, and others were fine.


After seeing the film’s promos, anyone will expect a love story/drama with a realistic touch. The director of the film, Prabhuram Vyas lived up to the expectations and presented many relatable moments in the film. The overall tone of the film in both the halves is emotional with a few fun parts in between. However, the graph of the film gets shaky as it gets repetitive after a point.


As said above, the film’s lead pair, Manikandan and Sri Gouri Priya were perfect and helped the film reach its goal. The music is also well agreeing with the situation. The constant irritating behavior of Arun and the turmoil that Divya goes through is presented well. Also, there were some well put dialogues/scenes which discuss the issues between in a relation. The way the climax was handled looked good.


The film has many repetitive scenes which could have been taken care of. In many instances, the audiences get a feel that the film is going nowhere because there is no development in the proceedings. The director demonstrates the toxic relationship by using almost identical scenarios throughout the film. Arun fighting with Divya and shouting at her, apologizing to her right away, these scenes keep coming continuously adding to the boredom.

True Lover Verdict:

The director makes a genuine attempt to depict the complications of a relationship, but by using a similar set of ideas, the film becomes overstretched. Manikandan and Sri Gouri Priya, gave their best performances, which enhanced the movie’s value. A few endearing moments along with the music came good for the film. However, the movie’s impact would have been much greater if it had been more precise in telling the actual point without sounding repetitive.

Rating: (2.75/5)

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