Shahid Kapoor in Talks to Bring Shivaji Maharaj to Big Screen

Shahid Kapoor in Talks to Bring Shivaji Maharaj to Big Screen

Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor may soon depict one of India’s most revered historical figures on the silver screen. According to Pinkvilla, Kapoor is in advanced talks to play Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in an upcoming epic helmed by director Amit Rai.

The potential film would showcase a key chapter from the 17th century Maratha warrior king’s life, produced on a grand scale with visual effects. “The idea is to celebrate the bravest warrior of India on the big screen,” a source close to the project revealed. The team aims to create one of Indian cinema’s most expensive productions ever.

For Kapoor, known for acclaimed roles across genres, the film would mark a prestigious step into historical dramas. Producer Ashwin Varde has long wanted to tell Shivaji Maharaj’s story cinematically, but only now found an ideal director in Rai after much search.

If finalized, the prestige project would likely secure backing from a major studio partner. While Kapoor has agreed in principle, confirmation awaits financing and official announcements.

The news comes as the versatile actor awaits two romantic releases in 2023, before potentially stepping into the formidable shoes of the great Maratha emperor. As an A-list star tackling an iconic national figure on film for the first time, anticipation will be high to see if Kapoor can match the mighty stature of his character.