Rashmika Mandanna trolled on Social Media

It looks like the connection between Trolls and actress Rashmika Mandanna will be around for a while. There have been several occasions in the past when the actress was trolled by netizens. Recently, the National Crush had to face a flurry of trolls. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled Atal Setu, India’s biggest sea link bridge, linking Mumbai to Navi Mumbai in January. Actress Rashmika Mandanna commended its effectiveness in cutting down a two-hour commute to a mere 20 minutes.

Rashmika conveyed her positive outlook on India’s advancement, praising the nation’s infrastructure growth. She emphasized the swift progress achieved in the last ten years, crediting it to strategic planning and effective implementation. In the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, Rashmika urged the younger generation to engage responsibly, stating that India’s youth are increasingly perceptive and involved in influencing the nation’s future through well-informed voting.

As predicted, Rashmika encountered a wave of criticism on social media for allegedly supporting the current government. Numerous individuals contended that the bridge she praised was actually initiated by the Congress government, rather than the current administration. Some accused her of being insensitive, pointing to the tragic deaths of 14 underprivileged individuals in Mumbai due to a collapsed hoarding. Furthermore, doubts were raised about her credibility to offer advice to others since she had yet to participate in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

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