Love Me If You Dare Movie Review

1st half: Decent

The film started off on an interesting note, where Ghost itself narrates its story, and the intriguing elements were properly handled by the makers. MM Keeravaani’s haunting yet soothing background score, coupled with PC Sreeram’s exceptional cinematography skills, has made it worthwhile.

Vaishnavi’s role is limited, and there is not much to expect from her. However, the ghostly elements so far have had thrilling moments.

The interval scene is quite interesting. Some surprises are definitely in place, which would attract those connected to the concept.

So far, the only negative element I have found is that better detailing should have been given to the protagonist Aashish Velamakucha’s characterization. Though he is trying his best to impress, this half-detailed part could sidetrack us.

If the concept clicks during the latter half with story justification, then we are in for a treat.

2nd half: Bad

Well, well, well, did I just step into a whole new different film after the first half? It feels so. Though it starts off promisingly with the lead pair, the makers completely sidetrack us with various subplots that unveil a twist during the climax, which eventually turns out to be the main plot of the story.

Vaishnavi’s role has been such a waste. Her characterisation completely made us feel fooled by the makers, despite their efforts during the initial half of the film. If not for the revelation in the last shot, the first half of the film would have been pointless.

“A little dare can cause you troubles”

Still trying to connect the dots with Vaishnavi’s characterization. Her presence was nowhere to be seen during the initial half of the film, and all of a sudden, the screenplay focuses on her role. Well, it would have made sense if she had been given importance from the beginning. Her irritating story during the investigation scenes of the subplots felt like a horrible ride.

The entire first half, including the interval shot and the last shot of the film, feels like it was handled by one team, while the rest of the story was tackled by another. Usually, we expect roller coaster rides, but this time the makers take us to the top of the mountain and then eventually throw us down.

The thrilling moments during the first half keep us engaged with surprising twists, and the makers should have taken this plot seriously and continued it with an interesting backstory. Instead, Vaishnavi’s role dampens the thrill. What is the use of hiding the ghost, and what is she even doing until the revelation at the end? We are not here for a second part.

MM Keeravaani’s music stands out throughout the film, and his background score is one of the major plus points.

Overall Verdict: Appreciate the daringness but not the love story, which eventually looked like a side plot trying to convince us it was the main plot.

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