IPL 2024: A New Era Starts

IPL 2024: A New Era Starts

The End of an Era: MS Dhoni’s Departure Marks a New Chapter in IPL Leadership

The exit of MS Dhoni as the captain of Chennai Super Kings marks the end of an era in the Indian Premier League (IPL), as the final link from the league’s inception to the present day has now ceased. Having captained in 226 matches, Dhoni could potentially be remembered as the longest-serving captain in IPL history. However, with today’s developments, Shreyas Iyer emerges as the most experienced captain in the IPL 2024 season, signaling a new era in the league that was launched in 2008.

Iyer has led two teams, the Delhi Capitals and the Kolkata Knight Riders, and has captained in 55 matches. Starting his captaincy journey in 2018, he is the most experienced among the current crop of captains. KL Rahul follows closely behind with 51 matches (from the 2020 season, representing Punjab Kings and Lucknow Super Giants), while Sanju Samson of the Rajasthan Royals has captained in 45 matches since taking over leadership in 2021.

Rohit Sharma, who would have been the most experienced captain in the IPL this year with 158 matches, will no longer lead Mumbai Indians. Instead, Hardik Pandya has taken up the mantle, having led in only 31 games. Pandya’s captaincy career began in the 2022 season when the IPL expanded, and the Gujarat Titans entered the league.

“The baton is being passed on, the new generation is well and truly taking over,” said Venky Mysore, one of the old guards of the IPL, on the generational change. He pointed out that the new generation, including Iyer, Samson, and Rahul, grew up with the T20 format, unlike the previous generation that had to adapt to it.

Mysore also highlighted the growth of the IPL as a brand and as a league. “The IPL also has grown. As a product it has dramatically changed for the better. As a league, cricket is of high quality. The gap between Indian and foreign players is not significant,” he explained.

With new captains taking over, Mysore sees a fresh approach to the IPL. “I guess there will be a fresh approach, they have seen and played at all levels. The skill levels have changed, the game has dramatically changed and the league is also in good hands,” he added.

The IPL 2024 season promises to be an exciting one, not just for the on-field action but also for the new leadership dynamics that will shape the future of the league.