Hip Hop World OTT Release Details

Amazon Prime Video has recently shifted its focus towards the music industry. Just a week ago, on April 4, the popular streaming service premiered a special film titled Musica, loosely based on the life of Rudy Mancuso, a well-known American influencer and musician. Despite being categorized as a romantic comedy, the movie portrays Mancuso’s struggles with his artistic ambitions and path to success while coping with synesthesia. Musica aims to revolutionize the romance genre by offering a unique perspective on love, self-discovery, and the importance of embracing one’s rhythm.

Prime Video is set to release a new music special titled “Hip Hop World” following the triumph of Musica. Hosted by Lenny Santiago, this captivating special will delve into the inspirations of Grammy-winning DJ Khaled and Billboard chart-topper Lola Brooke as they explore various cities. Mark your calendars for April 16, 2024, as Hip Hop World will be available exclusively on Prime Video. In the upcoming music special, DJ Khaled will transport viewers to Jamaica, where he filmed his hit song ‘These Streets Know My Name.’ Viewers can expect to see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Jamaica that served as inspiration for the music, as well as insights into the song-making process. Additionally, rapper Brooke will debut her latest track ‘Touch Down In Paris’ as part of the music special series.

The trailer of Hip Hop World showcases several impactful concerts featuring DJ Khaled, drawing in millions of fans. Viewers are given a glimpse of DJ Khaled and Lola Brooke’s innovative work in the recording studio as they express their passion for music. As they travel through different cities, the duo discusses the profound influence of hip-hop on society and its dominance in today’s music scene. In addition to the esteemed Grammy, DJ Khaled has also emerged victorious in the MTV Europe Music Award, MTV Video Music Award, BET Hip-Hop Award, American Music Award, and various other accolades. On the other hand, Lola Brooke has thus far secured the BET Hip-Hop Award. In 2021, Brooke unveiled her breakthrough single, ‘Don’t Play with It,’ which gained popularity the following year due to its widespread usage on Twitter and TikTok.

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