CD Review

  • Published May 24, 2024 | 1:28 PMUpdated May 24, 2024 | 1:28 PM
  • Published May 24, 2024 | 1:28 PMUpdated May 24, 2024 | 1:28 PM
CD Review

1st half: Bad

Seems like a casually driven film from the makers. Well! I was having some free time and risked it, but it is advised to not even look around the theatre premises that’s screening the film. It’s a massacre.Adah Sharma, who has been introduced as Lady Psycho, in the first hour of the film was just there for a couple of action blocks and no dialogues.The boring investigation scenes and actor Vishwant Duddumpudi’s struggling performance, as he is on a mission in search of a ghost, feel ridiculous.

2nd: Bad

Sometimes it feels like some films are made with an absolute zero mindset on providing thrills. Short films these days often have better handling of content compared to this film.While it’s understandable that the film was shot during the lockdown, hence the locations are limited, for an audience to stay engaged, it should have a compelling screenplay rather than relying on the makers’ own perceptions and self-indulgent thoughts.While Adah had some role in the latter half, the makers basically just used her as a puppet to attract at least a few viewers to the theatres.


“Neither a criminal nor a devil; don’t take the risk”

If you are thinking that Adah is the lead and like to take a risk on it, well, that’s not for you. She’s neither a criminal nor a devil, despite her acts making it feel like her characterisation was hopeless. Basically, it’s Vishwant Duddumpudi’s show, but unfortunately, the actor is not keeping us engaged with his unusual performance on screen.So, basically, the concept sucks. Keeping in mind that Adah might at least steal the show through her performances based on the trailer, one can expect some sort of thrills. However, after knowing that her screen time is limited in a 1 hour and 43 minutes run time, it feels useless.

Coming to Bharani Shankar’s investigative scenes, it’s baffling how his characterisation is written in this murder mystery. How can the officer get clues if he just stays at the murder spot rather than exploring? Though the justification is proved later, the point of having unnecessary scenes just fools the spectators.

Overall Verdict: I went with zero expectations and came out with even more disappointment. I regret coming to the screening. Well, I can’t help it as there aren’t many options left at the other end. I would rather give something different a shot than stick to regular commercial flicks.

Note:* It’s a personal opinion. It will not be based on it’s film run or the talk on the other side.