A Marvel of an Unending Excitement

A Marvel of an Unending Excitement

A long awaited and highly expected film Salaar reached the levels of unprecedented appreciation from all around. After being released in five languages at a time, the Pan Indian release filled the hearts of fan world of Prabhas and the audience in general. Done with whopping figures of budget, Salaar is a real celebration on screen with its humungous exhibition of desired range expected of the covetous combination of Prashant Neel and Prabhas.

The film that lasted for almost three hourse, impressed upon the auditoriums by every foot of it revealign step by step enthusiasm in all the scenes planned through. Of course, First Half of the film, according to the science of healthy film making, is exclusively consumed in establishing the story, the characters needed to inform the audience about its content and all the other components put together engaged the audience in an awestruck mood. The three hour screen narrative did not leave the audience disgusted for its length, instead, it left them at the edge of their seats for the next sequence to capture the screen. Mainly, Prashant Neel articulated the story in such a way that it, at no state, it did not fail to impress upon the minds of audiences. That is the best part of it.

The pulsating excitement studded in the narration presented an overall feeling that the story is a live happening in front of us. When it comes to second half, the backlash of the story narrated by a character to the heroine has unleashed a tremendous extravaganza succeeded to pull the theatre to almost a hysteric poise. The high octane action sequences demonstrated the next level to Indian Cinema. Prabhas lived upto every need of the character to add a never expected dimension to his own profile as a hero that is now reigning supreme all across the country. After his magnum opus KGF, Prashant has maintained the diligent caution to safegaurd his laurels and even honed a fresh skill of delivering peerless theatrical exprence. One may be surprised as to why Salar was granted A certificate as was lamented by the director, Prashant himself in a pre-release interview. The violence in the form of action sequences appropriately furnished which breathed the languish of the tribal womenfolk. A hero can never be a hero in a story right from our age old fairy tales when he fails to display chivalry towards helpless women. The hero Deva in Salar always reflected his guts and gusto right from his childhood till the end for the sake of his friend, for the word of the mother and for saving an innocent girl child from the tentacles of an impending atrocity about to befall her.

Summing up, Salar is immaculately designed and thoroughly crafted to take the Indian Film to next level that can challenge even a Hollywood film. Being a marvel of its own kind, Salar marks an event in the history of modern cinema, story wise and technology wise. A rare experience to rejoice upon and ruminate for a long time. Salar will be remembered for all the time to come. Congratulations to the entire team of Salar, especially the director, Prashant Neel and the Bahubali star, Prabhas.