TDP, alliance was able to convince people

The opposition TDP and its alliance partners were able to make people believe that they could do better if voted to power. The party’s victory shows that people have believed what the TDP told them during the electioneering.The TDP could convince the people on Super Six promises, besides the promise to give Rs 4,000 pension from April this year itself. The TDP also succeeded in creating fear among the people on the Land Titling Act. People were really worried about the safety of their lands if they voted for Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The TDP, Jana Sena and the BJP were able to work in coordination with each other. The vote transfer was carefully monitored by the three parties. The TDP and the Jana Sena went with vengeance against the YSR Congress. They have made people take vengeance against the YSR Congress.Though they have seen Chandrababu Naidu going back on his total loan waiver promises in 2014, they believed him once again. They took him and his promises seriously and voted for him. They also see that only Chandrababu Naidu would be able to develop the state, bring industries and create new jobs for the youth.

They forgot the jobs created in the secretariats, ambulances, civil supplies vehicles, 17 medical colleges and hospitals, four ports, nine shipping yards and so on. They forgot the arrival of Century Ply, Neelkamal, Ambani, Adani groups coming to the state in the last five years.People have also conveniently forgotten the distribution of pensions at their doorstep, civil supplies provisions at their doorstep, English medium in the government schools, tabs given to the students, uniform, books and shoes given to the students.In politics, who promises the better matters and not who does the better. This was the message of the people in the 2024 general elections.

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