Ramoji Rao goes all out against YSR Congress

A few days before the election process started, Eenadu group chairman Cherukuri Ramoji Rao started writing news against the ruling YSR Congress. And he went ahead with his anti-YSR Congress stand all through the campaign with at least two reports for every page.

Ramoji Rao had even used the edit page of the Eenadu to write against the YSR Congress and Jagan Mohan Reddy government. On the day of polling and the next day too, he did not leave the YSR Congress. He wrote bundles of news on every page against the party and Jagan Mohan Reddy.

He tried to give a lift to the Telugu Desam Party and its chief Chandrababu Naidu all through the campaign. He tried to give advantage to the TDP and wrote against the YSR Congress. In fact, it was an election between Jagan Mohan Reddy and Ramoji Rao.

But what Ramoji Rao forgot is that it was not 1983, when he wrote in favour of TDP and its then leader N T Rama Rao. He dedicated the paper to writing in favour of the TDP. Those were the days when people depended mostly on the newspaper.

This is 2024. People are no longer depending on the newspapers and the TV channels for news. They have social media in their hands. They can cross check any news within no time. In the age of social media, Ramoji Rao still worked as if he was in 1983. He did not come beyond the 1983 and 1994 elections.

Ramoji Rao fought 2024 elections as it were the 1983 and 1994 elections. He was 40 years away from the present elections. Will he win or the people win this time, is known on June 4, when the ballot boxes are counted.

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