Box Office: Disastrous Sunday for Telugu Cinema

In the past, Sundays were seen as the prime days for movie viewing, with audiences filling up theaters even for mediocre films. However, because of the lack of big releases this summer, Sundays are no longer attracting large crowds for obvious reasons. May 26th, Sunday, can be considered the ultimate disaster regarding audience turnout.

Adding to the low turnaround of films, The IPL Final match on May 26th between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata knight riders has significantly influenced the mood in Telugu households, with many opting to watch the match. Many Telugu individuals planned to tune in from the afternoon onwards, whether at home, cafes, or special screenings. Recent films like Raju Yadav and Love Me, which were released in the past two days, have failed to impress both critics and audiences. While these films were not expected to draw in large crowds, there was a possibility that they would attract viewers who enjoy watching movies on a Sunday regardless.

The combination of these factors ultimately led to a disappointing Sunday for both the matinee and the first show. Additionally, the presentation ceremony after the final started after midnight, resulting in the second show also being affected.

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