Yakshini – A dull screenplay ruins the potential of a good concept.

  • Published Jun 19, 2024 | 10:11 PMUpdated Jun 19, 2024 | 10:11 PM
  • Published Jun 19, 2024 | 10:11 PMUpdated Jun 19, 2024 | 10:11 PM
Yakshini – A dull screenplay ruins the potential of a good concept.

“Yakshini” is a fantasy show that has 6 episodes, each with a runtime of over 30 minutes. It delves into the conflict between the Nymph and the Serpent. Now, let’s delve into a discussion of each episode. For those who haven’t seen it yet, be aware there might be a few spoilers in this detailed review of the Disney+ Hotstar show.

Episode Ranking: EP 1 > EP 6 > EP 2 > EP 5 > EP 4 > EP 3

Episode 1

The show starts off straight to the point with the concept, not even giving a breather. It might seem like a surprise with the editing being a bit off; however, the concept looks interesting. Vedhika is introduced as Yakshini, who is on a mission to accomplish something related to the spell she has been under. The protagonist and his story work in parts, and the episode ends on a promising note when they meet each other. It’s a decent start to the series with Episode 1.

Episode 2

This one starts with interesting fantasy elements; however, as the show progresses, it feels boring as the content drags on a single point without hints of a true backstory. This changes when there is a twist in the tale with the introduction of Manchu Lakshmi in an interesting characterization linked to the plot. So far, it looks like Ajay has grabbed a decent role as a sage, and in terms of both looks and performance, he is doing justice to the role given.

Episode 3

Things are getting seriously troubled, except for some socio-fantasy elements which are decent in parts. The episode feels hopeless, as there is not much left to explore. Now that Vedhika’s aim as Yakshini is almost fulfilled at the end, we can only hope for some optimism in the later episodes.

Episode 4

While Ajay as Mahankhal is enjoying his own holiday under a spell, Vedika as Yakshini is dealing with an enemy within the enemy. The scenes leading to this revelation are chaotic, lacking logic and sentiment, leaving us eager for the show to end soon. Vedika looks good in her evil avatar, Any notable actress replacing Manchu Lakshmi could have been better. Nevertheless, it’s a bad show.

Episode 5

For a second, I was thinking, where is Ajay? He is not seen as Mahankhal except for a glimpse of the continued backend story in the beginning. Before his appearance at the end, it’s Vedika’s show as Yakshini throughout. She is having some fun with the protagonist’s family as the subplot becomes the main focus rather than the main concept. Despite Vedika’s efforts in terms of looks and performance, the show lacks an engaging screenplay, which makes the ride chaotic.

Episode 6

The finale episode finally has something to cheer about as there is no lag and the scenes become interesting. Unlike the typical war sequences, it ends in a decent way that ignites interest in some parts, leading to a deserved conclusion. However, without a typical war, Ajay’s characterization as Mahakal feels wasted, as he had a decent amount of screen time throughout the show, and the ending didn’t even match half of it.

Overall Verdict: If you are really keen on watching the show after seeing the trailer, make it easier on yourselves by watching the beginning and end of each episode. Otherwise, a significant amount of patience is required to sit through it, despite its short runtime.