The Last Rifleman OTT Release Details

The Last Rifleman, a drama film released in 2023, is scheduled for its OTT release in India. The movie, featuring Pierce Brosnan in the main role, will be available for streaming on JioCinema starting on May 31, 2024. Directed and written by Kevin Fitzpatrick, The Last Rifleman draws inspiration from significant historical events.

Artie Crawford, a war veteran hailing from Northern Ireland, makes a daring escape from his nursing home on the 75th commemoration of the Normandy landings. Determined to pay tribute to his dear friend and confront the haunting memories of his past, he embarks on a treacherous yet ultimately inspiring journey from Northern Ireland to France. This remarkable tale parallels the experiences of Bernard Jordan, a courageous British soldier who also ventured from his care facility in England to France. Notably, Michael Caine released a film titled The Great Escaper, which was inspired by Jordan’s extraordinary narrative a few weeks before this.

Loane was originally set to direct the film, but upon his first reading of Fitzpatrick’s screenplay, he recognized it as a poignant tale overflowing with sincere emotion. Filmmakers are in search of character-driven dramas that strike the right emotional chord. The toll of war on individuals is a universal theme, shedding light on the personal hardships endured. Fitzpatrick emphasized Bernard Jordan’s unwavering determination, which captured the nation’s attention. The story’s protagonist, a dying man, feels compelled to confront haunting memories by journeying to a specific location.

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