Rama Ayodhya OTT Release Details

Aha Video, the Telugu OTT Platform, Continues to release a series of shows consecutively, with its most recent movie, the dubbed version of Premalu, making a solid debut on the Telugu platform. This occasion is particularly noteworthy as the platform is gearing up to showcase a new documentary titled Rama Ayodhya on April 17, 2024, coinciding with Srirama Navami. The unique feature of the series lies in its extensive filming in Ayodhya, focusing on the 16 virtues of Lord Rama. Satyakashi Bhargava, a recipient of the National Film Award, has meticulously crafted this documentary on a grand scale. The creators assure that the captivating cinematography and narration of the documentary will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

In regards to the documentary, Satyakashi Bhargava, the author, expressed that Rama Ayodhya will highlight the significant qualities of Lord Ram. Additionally, he mentions that the audience will have the opportunity to discover some important locations in Ayodhya that have yet to be explored before. Bhargava confidently states, “This documentary is exceptional, and I am certain that the Telugu audience will embrace it.” On the other hand, Krishna, the director, emphasizes that the holy places featured in the documentary hold great importance and provide educational value. Krishna asserts, “We have presented the documentary in a simple manner that individuals of all age groups can enjoy without confusion.”

Aha has acquired the rights to this documentary at a reasonable cost and is optimistic that a larger audience will be able to view the documentary and gain insight into our historical past. Additionally, it has been announced that Aha has prepared exclusive promotional content that will be unveiled in the upcoming days. As of now, “Rama Ayodhya” is scheduled to premiere on April 17, 2024, on Aha Video.

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