OG: Director Sujeeth was first approached to helm a remake

It is widely known that Young Actor Karthikeya is set to release a new film called Bhaje Vaayu Vegam. In a recent promotional interview for the movie, he was accompanied by director Sujeeth, known for his work in films like Run Raja Run and Saaho. During the interview, Sujeeth also shared details about his upcoming OG project featuring Pawan Kalyan.

Sujeeth disclosed that the general perception is that ‘OG’ is an abbreviation for ‘Original Gangster.’ Consequently, there were speculations that the film’s title featuring Pawan Kalyan was selected with this significance in mind. However, it has been revealed that this is not the case.” “In reality, ‘OG’ stands for ‘Ojas Gambhir.’ In the movie, Ojas is the master’s name, and Gambhir is the protagonist’s name. By combining these, we arrive at ‘OG.’ That is why we opted for this title. Pawan always endeavors to incorporate a Japanese essence in his films, even if the storyline is unrelated. That is why I have been determined to create a film with him in the Japanese style. That is what ‘OG’ represents.”

Director Sujeeth provided further insight into how he was allowed to direct Pawan Kalyan. “Initially, I was approached for a remake, but I declined as I wasn’t interested. The excitement of creating an original film is incomparable to a remake’s. Therefore, I patiently waited for an opportunity. After a considerable wait, luck was finally on my side. One day, Kalyan inquired if I had any fresh story ideas. I shared a brief concept with him, and he instantly agreed. And that’s how OG came into existence.” Sujeeth expressed his admiration for Japanese cinema, highlighting that Pawan Kalyan also appreciates it, as evidenced by naming his son Akira. Sujeeth confirmed that the trailer for OG has been completed. Furthermore, Sujeeth revealed that his top Pawan Kalyan movie is Johnny, commending its technical excellence and innovative approach.

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