My Dear Donga crosses an Outstanding Milestone on OTT

Telugu OTT Platform Aha continuously produces original content. My Dear Donga stands out as a smash hit on Aha. This comedy film decided to skip the traditional theatrical release and went for a direct OTT release, receiving positive feedback from viewers. The most recent news reveals that My Dear Donga has reached an impressive milestone of 100 million streaming minutes, a remarkable achievement for a movie without any star power.

Abhinav Gomatam, the renowned comedian, starred as the protagonist in this movie, with Shalini Kondepudi playing the female lead. An interesting fact about the film is that Shalini was the one who wrote the script for My Dear Donga. My Dear Donga garnered 50 million views within four days of its release, and it has now accumulated 100 million streaming minutes, indicating its widespread appeal. Directed by Sarwagnya Kumar, the film also featured Divya Sripada in a significant role.

My Dear Donga revolves around the story of a thief who intrudes into the protagonist’s house, engages in conversation, and eventually falls in love with her. This element is portrayed in a highly amusing manner. Aha has acquired the rights for a reasonable price, and according to a source close to the production, the platform has greatly benefited from the release of My Dear Donga. Shalini Kondepudi, who both wrote the script and portrayed the heroine, is truly a discovery in Telugu cinema, as it is rare to find someone with such a combination of talents. She is currently being offered numerous film opportunities. On the other hand, Abhinav Gomatam has once again demonstrated his ability to carry an entire film solely on his shoulders.

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