Mr Bachchan: Fast-paced Filming, Jagapathi Babu Joins Cast

After the roaring success of their previous collaboration in the superhit film “Mirapakay,” Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja and Director Harish Shankar are joining forces once again for their third venture, “Mr Bachchan.” This time, they’re set to remake Ajay Devgan’s acclaimed film “Raid,” infusing it with the signature South Indian style of filmmaking. Adding to the excitement, Bhagyashri Borse takes on the female lead role, and the film is produced by TG Vishwa Prasad of People Media Factory, marking his reunion with Ravi Teja after their projects “Dhamaka” and “Eagle.”

The production of “Mr Bachchan” has been moving at lightning speed since its announcement. Within just 50 days, an impressive 80% of the talkie portion has already been completed. Currently, the team is busy filming pivotal scenes at the majestic Uttar Pradesh Palace, promising audiences a visually stunning experience.

Today marks a significant milestone in the journey of “Mr Bachchan” as the look of its antagonist is unveiled. Renowned actor Jagapathi Babu steps into this formidable role, and his portrayal hints at an epic clash between good and evil. With his intense gaze and commanding presence, Babu’s character sets the stage for an enthralling showdown with Ravi Teja as protagonist.

Director Harish Shankar is known for his expertise in crafting commercial entertainers that strike a chord with audiences. Teaming up once again with Ravi Teja, a stalwart of mass cinema, expectations are high for “Mr Bachchan” to reignite the box office with its adrenaline-pumping action sequences and gripping narrative. For Ravi Teja, this film comes at a crucial juncture in his career, offering the opportunity to bounce back from recent setbacks.

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