Monalisa and the Blood Moon OTT Release Details

Ana Lily Amirpour has established herself as a renowned filmmaker, captivating audiences with her unique storytelling from the very beginning. With her debut feature film, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, she made a remarkable entry into the director’s list, leaving the viewers yearning for more. The anticipation was met when she presented her second movie, The Bad Batch, further showcasing her distinct style. Offering a refreshing perspective, Amirpour’s films stood out amidst the sea of conventional content. Building on her success, she announced her third film, Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon, which created quite a buzz upon its release in 2021. Headlined by the talented Kate Hudson, the movie garnered attention despite receiving mixed reviews. It successfully went through various festivals and eventually graced the silver screen, solidifying Amirpour’s position as a notable filmmaker.

Surprisingly, it is on the verge of embarking on a fresh journey as it prepares to make its debut on Lionsgate Play in India. This streaming service has been offering numerous movies that have previously premiered in theaters and digitally and are now making a comeback on their platform. Recently, they have unveiled Dream Scenario and Copshop, with Adrift, Wanted Man, and Love Island UK Season 9 soon to follow. Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon are adding to this lineup, and here is everything you should be aware of. The film “Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon” made its debut at the Venice Film Festival, exploring the dark side of New Orleans. This suspenseful story follows Mona Lisa, portrayed by Jun Jong Seo, as she breakyet to bes free from a psychiatric facility and forms a bond with Bonnie, an exotic dancer and single mother played by Kate Hudson. As the plot unfolds, we discover Mona’s supernatural abilities and watch as she and Bonnie devise a risky scheme. However, their plans are jeopardized when a detective begins to pursue them, forcing the two women to take drastic measures to ensure their survival.

The movie will be available to stream on Lionsgate Play. While an exact release date for Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon has not been confirmed, it is expected to debut on the platform either towards the end of June or at the start of July.

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