Mirzapur 3: Vijay Varma teases audiences about the much-awaited series’ release date

It has been some time since the creators have kept fans of Mirzapur 3 eagerly awaiting the release of the web series. Vijay Varma is the most recent to provide an update on the show. He mentioned that the creators will unveil something within two days. In doing so, the actor echoed the sentiments of many fans – feeling frustrated with the prolonged suspense surrounding the series. While talking about Mirzapur, Vijay Varma resonated with fans’ feelings. He said, “Kaan se peep nikal gaya (I’m fed up).”

The acclaimed actor stated that this is exactly how the fans have been feeling as they have eagerly awaited the makers to announce a date. He claims that Siwan, a town in Bihar, will pose a challenge to Mirzapur. Through his statement, Vijay subtly suggests that Siwan may align strongly with one side and influence the other. In his Instagram video, he mentioned that the creators of Mirzapur 3 are set to disclose the show’s release date within a span of two days.

Vijay Varma portrays a dual role in Mirzapur, assuming the characters of twin brothers Bharat Tyagi and Shatrughan Tyagi, both of whom are the sons of Dadda Tyagi (Lilliput). The latter has an affection for Shweta Tripathi’s Gajamini Gupta, also known as Golu. Mirzapur 3 will also witness the return of the iconic characters Akhanand ‘Kaleen’ Tripathi, played by Pankaj Tripathi, Guddu Bhaiya, portrayed by Ali Fazal, and Beena Tripathi, portrayed by Rasika Dugal. With Guddu having eliminated Munna bhaiyya, played by Divyendu, a fierce battle will ensue between Guddu, Kaleen, Beena, Sharad, Golu, and Shatrughan. The upcoming season will maintain its tradition of alliances and betrayals as each individual strives to establish their supremacy.

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