Manjummel Boys and Premalu Closing Collections

Manjummel Boys and Premalu, two movies produced by the Malayalam Film Industry, made a tremendous impact at the box office. Despite being low-budget films with a relatively unknown cast, they surpassed the recent box office records set by other mid-range films. Premalu has registered good numbers in the Telugu States as well. Here are the total worldwide box office collections for Manjummel Boys and Premalu:

Manjummel Boys has amassed an astounding 222 crores in total collections so far, making it the official highest-grosser of Mollywood. On the other hand, Premalu has achieved a worldwide gross of approximately 134 crores and is projected to reach the 140 crores milestone by the end of its theatrical run. Starting from 12th April, Premalu will be available for streaming on Disney+Hotstar. The film has also performed exceptionally well in Telugu, raking in nearly 15 crores globally. This is the highest figure for any Malayalam dubbed film in this region. Additionally, Manjummel Boys will be released in its Telugu version this week to test its fortune in that market. The trade circles are hopeful that Manjummel Boys will repeat the same magic of Premalu in the Telugu dubbed version.

Meanwhile, The Goat Life, featuring Prithviraj Sukumaran, is also making waves at the box office, grossing 75 crores in just 5 days. This film will likely surpass the 100 crore gross mark and may even reach the impressive milestone of 200 crore worldwide shortly. All in all, 2024 is turning out to be a golden year for the Malayalam film industry.

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