Love Mouli Review

  • Published Jun 07, 2024 | 4:08 PMUpdated Jun 07, 2024 | 4:08 PM
  • Published Jun 07, 2024 | 4:08 PMUpdated Jun 07, 2024 | 4:08 PM
Love Mouli Review

Love Mouli 1st half: Average

The introduction of Navadeep’s character as Mouli by the makers was clear-cut, and the characterization sticks to the content. It was surprising to see a social element being part of his story, where the protagonist is in search of his love with the elements he wishes to see.

Actress Pankhuri Gidwani’s introduction scene was good. Despite it being her Telugu debut, she did well.

So far, it has been a mixed bag of emotions. Keeping the bold content aside, which has not been much projected outside for now, the lead pair scenes were actually quite promising. Just when things start to get interesting, the film slightly takes off track until a promising interval shot. Hopefully, Navadeep’s character’s ex-backend story justifies his wild nature, as it holds crucial importance that determines the overall outcome of the film.

Love Mouli 2nd half: Below Average

Mouli’s character unveils a good message in the climax; however, the scenes leading up to this point become repetitive with just a slight variation in his dreamy thoughts, testing our patience. Though it starts interestingly, after the promising interval shot, it deviates as the film progresses.

Love Mouli Review:

“A wild man’s dreamland with a meaningful message”

It’s a known message but has a different treatment with a mix of positive and negative aspects of the film. Though Navadeep’s characterization of Mouli is good, the makers should have explored a bit more on why he is behaving like this. For us to connect to the story, we first need to understand the character, as he is the one who takes us into his dreamy world where he explores himself in finding true love. One positive element is that the makers have indicated through a voice-over by giving a basic introduction.

Both the lead pair, Navadeep and Pankhuri Gidwani, exhibit good on-screen chemistry. A heroine’s characterization, coming from the words of the protagonist through a painting with his artistic skills, stands out as one of the positive elements of the film.

Pankhuri Gidwani had three variations to showcase herself on screen, not only with looks but also with performance. To be honest, she had a massive debut through this film.

The music and the locations shot in “Love Mouli” give a fresh vibe. The makers didn’t back away in these aspects, and their hard work is evident on screen.

Overall Verdict: Yes, it has bold content, and the A certificate makes sense, but appreciate the efforts of the makers for trying something new. A good message in the climax makes it worth a shot. However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You cannot judge it until you take a sip. Give it a try.
Note:* It’s a personal opinion. It will not be based on it’s film run or the talk on the other side.