Interesting similarity between Dhanush, Dulquer and Varun Tej’s Films

Multiple films made with the same or similar storyline simultaneously are familiar in the Telugu Film Industry. For example, Nara Rohith’s Rowdy Fellow, Kalyan Ram’s Pataas, and NTR’s Temper were made with similar storylines a decade back. The upcoming three Telugu movies, Lucky Bhaskar, Matka, and Kubera, have attracted notice due to their common themes and storyline components. Although not completely alike, they all center on the ideas of wealth, theft of wealth, and illicit wealth, prompting inquiries into the degree of influence they have on one another.

Dulquer Salman stars in the film “Lucky Bhaskar,” directed by Venky Atluri, which portrays the journey of a young bank employee who suddenly becomes a millionaire by taking a daring step at his workplace. On the other hand, Varun Tej’s “Matka,” helmed by Karuna Kumar, explores the themes of black money and corruption. Both movies are set in the vintage era. Meanwhile, “Kubera,” directed by Sekhar Kammula, narrates the tale of a man consumed by the desire for wealth and authority, leading him into the dark world of black money.

The striking similarities between these films invite the audience to participate in the intriguing process of deciphering whether they draw inspiration from one another or simply explore similar themes in unique ways. The universal themes of money, theft, and illicit funds can be interpreted in various ways. Let’s wish that despite their shared elements, each film will offer its distinct perspective, promising viewers a unique and thought-provoking experience.

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