Harom Hara Review

  • Published Jun 14, 2024 | 3:03 PMUpdated Jun 14, 2024 | 3:03 PM
  • Published Jun 14, 2024 | 3:03 PMUpdated Jun 14, 2024 | 3:03 PM
Harom Hara Review


Emotionally complex but mentally tough, Subramaniyam (Sudheer km Babu) opts to generate income through the illegal creation of guns in Kuppam. As his illegal enterprise flourishes, he becomes like a God-like figure for the villagers. The narrative of ‘Harom Hara’ hinges on his journey to the crime world and where he lands.


Sudheer Babu impresses with a remarkable portrayal of Subramaniyam that nobody saw coming. He delivers a nuanced performance and also stands out in the intense moments. Malvika Sharma takes on the female lead, though her character makes no serious impact. However, she appears great on screen.

Sunil brings the character of Palani Swamy to life with a stellar performance. He boosts tremendous value to the movie with his Chittoor accent and impactful mannerisms. He enjoys notable screen time, and his character adds substantially to the film. Jayaprakash is fine in the father’s character. Among the villain gang, Ravi Kale shines, but the others are adequate. Lakki Lakshman and Akshara Gowda are just fine.


The film Harom Hara features direction by Gnanasagar Dwaraka, known for his previous work on Sehari. He and the technical team transform a predictable storyline into a appealing outing. The movie commences with Sunil revealing the backstory of the main character, Subramaniyam. The visual appeal, score, darker photography, and setup immerse us into the film from the very beginning. The well-choreographed opening fight and interval action sequence enhance the film’s positive vibe. The second half of the film sets up with a bang, but the narrative swings up and down after that only to rise at the Climax.


As said above, Sudheer Babu’s performance is the main plus point of the film. The director was successful in giving the film a new appeal because of the backdrop. He wrote the protagonist’s character interestingly, and handled the action blocks well as well. The buildup around the interval and pre climax was perfect. Chaitan Bharadwaj, the music director, impresses as the driving force of the film with his outstanding BGM. Together with Director of Photography Arvind Viswanathan and Art Director A Ramanjaneyulu, he ensures the film’s technical excellence and richness.


Harom Hara suffers from the less engaging emotional mpact. Hero’s character could have been more explored. The reason behind the hero’s agreement to give up the illegal weapon trade is barely touched on. The proceedings in the second half progress with no genuine thrill, not even during the scenes where the police raid the protagonist’s house and weapons factory. Furthermore, the forced narrative and portrayal of the female cop weakens the overall effect. The arrest of the Hero and subsequent public support didn’t work out as planned. Without strong poignant moments, the episode’s comprehensive impact diminishes.

Rating: 3/5
Last Line: Harom Hara — An adequate action drama