Google to Rebrand AI Chatbot Bard as ‘Gemini’

Google to Rebrand AI Chatbot Bard as ‘Gemini’

Google’s AI-powered chatbot, Bard, could soon undergo a renaming to “Gemini” based on new findings. Developer Dylan Roussel spotted clues in recent Android app updates pointing to an impending rebrand and added capabilities. The leaks follow prior reports speculating that Bard would adopt the Gemini moniker.

Chief among the changes is the apparent launch of a dedicated Gemini app for Android, enabling enhanced AI interactions across Google services. This includes features like composing messages in Gmail, planning events in Calendar, and more personalized recommendations.

The biggest reveal, however, is an “Advanced” Gemini Ultra tier powered by Google’s largest language model yet, which may eclipse even OpenAI’s lauded GPT-4 engine in areas like reasoning and creativity. iOS users likely tap into Gemini via the main Google app.

While originally positioned as a ChatGPT rival, limitations around Bard’s launch compelled Google to reassess branding. The Gemini identity offers a fresh start to build hype for the product’s ongoing improvement. With the company gearing to unlock greater AI potential behind a paywall, the rechristening seems timely to redefine expectations.