Echo: The Weakest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Published Jan 18, 2024 | 10:06 PMUpdated Jan 19, 2024 | 3:41 PM
  • Published Jan 18, 2024 | 10:06 PMUpdated Jan 19, 2024 | 3:41 PM
Echo: The Weakest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Well, for starters, the characterization of Echo isn’t intriguing, as her journey lacks emotional depth, and the connection to the main plot is disappointing.

Episode Ranking: EP 5 > EP 1 > EP 4 > EP 3 > EP 2

Short views on the Episodes:

Episode 1:

The episode kicks off by delving into the origins of the Choctaw, with Chafa emerging as a human from beneath the earth. It then navigates through Echo’s childhood story, leading to her journey of assassination under Kingpin to confront Clint. However, as the plot unfolds, Echo discovers the truth about Kingpin and ultimately takes him down, as depicted in Hawkeye.

The episode primarily focuses on building Echo’s character, showcasing her ambition to rule by taking over Kingpin’s business and becoming the queen. While the storyline may not be overly intriguing, the screenplay exhibits promise. The episode gains additional depth with the cameo of Daredevil and an unexpected twist involving Kingpin, adding an interesting dimension to the narrative.

Episode 2:

It opens with 1200 AD, featuring mysterious scenes that lead to the current day. Echo seamlessly takes on Fisk territory, engaging in a train chase sequence that sparks a war. While it’s intriguing to see what lies within the connection between the past and present, the other elements appear surprisingly dull.

Episode 3:

While the screenplay appears interesting, the Journey of Echo lacks highs altogether. The episode’s redeeming moments include Echo adopting the new tool symbolizing Choctow leadership and the confrontation scene with Kingpin. However, the remaining scenes leading to these points result in a rather dull experience.

Episode 4:

Finally, an episode that brings relief to this boring season. It opens with intriguing drama between Kingpin and Echo. While I expected more connection with the ancestors from the series’ main plot, the near conclusion appears to be a massive disappointment. However, the last 10 minutes of the track pick up when Kingpin and Echo rejoin for a conversation. The background score leading to this scene, in the form of the song ‘Down in the River to Pray,’ was extremely good.

Episode 5:

After She-Hulk, this is the most disappointing finale I have ever seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am highly disappointed. Even Kingpin, who was the savior of Hawkeye, couldn’t help much but ended up trapped by Echo. The post-credit scene is the only hope you get from Kingpin.

Overall Verdict: Personally, I didn’t enjoy Hawkeye. The characterization, particularly that of Echo from Hawkeye, felt disconnected, and the decision to give it a standalone series contributed to a dull viewing experience as the main plot failed to impress. It’s quite disappointing.

In order of release, the ranking stands as follows:

1. Loki Season 2
2. Moon knight
3. Loki Season 1
4. WandaVision
5. Ms Marvel
6. What If Season 2
7. Secret Invasion
8. Falcon And The Winter Soldier
9. What If
10. She Hulk
11. Hawkeye
12. Echo

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