Devara: Anticipation builds around NTR and Koratala Siva’s Actioner

The shooting of the movie “Devara” featuring actor NTR is progressing rapidly. The team is preparing to release the first lyrical song, “Fear Song,” this evening, composed by the talented music director Anirudh Ravichander from Maverick Music. The posters and the sneak peek of the song give the impression that “Devara” portrays a chaotic and intense atmosphere throughout its production. Already, the fans are going gaga over the shots and lyrics of the song. If the song gets the required success, it will pave the way for Devara’s hype to spike to the next level.

The director, Koratala Shiva, has consistently portrayed it as a movie filled with intense action and violence. This sentiment is echoed by NTR, who delivers a similar dialogue in the recently released teaser of the film. The Fear Song, which was also unveiled, further reinforces this notion. Anirudh Ravichander shared a glimpse of the song, showcasing his performance alongside visuals of NTR in the film. The posters and lyrics of the song also emphasize the film’s intense and violent nature.

‘Devara ‘, a movie that will be released in two installments, is a testament to NTR’s career aspirations. The first part is scheduled to be released in October of this year. This Pan India project aims to showcase NTR’s ambition to become a Pan India Star. In a strategic move, he has also planned his Bollywood debut with ‘War 2 ‘, where he will be sharing the screen with Hrithik Roshan. NTR has already started shooting for his role in ‘War 2 ‘, further demonstrating his dedication to his career.

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