Box Office: Maharaja brings big relief to the Telugu Theaters

Despite the disappointment of Friday’s releases, including “Honeymoon Express” and Varun Sandesh’s “Ninda,” failing to leave a mark, the Telugu Film Industry has been taken aback again. With the upcoming release of “Kalki 2898 AD” next week (June 27), no major films have capitalized on this opportunity, leaving room for smaller films to shine. Unfortunately, none of these films have managed to succeed. Nevertheless, the theater owners in Telugu states found a glimmer of hope with Vijay Sethupathi’s Maharaja.

When Telugu cinemas faced challenges due to unexciting movie releases, Vijay Sethupathi’s most recent movie, “Maharaja,” has proven to be a savior, providing a significant uplift at the box office. The crime thriller, released on June 14th, has gained traction progressively, increasing audience numbers over the weekend. The surprising thing is that with the help of positive word-of-mouth talk, Maharaja had more ticket sales on its 9th day than its first day. The box office trackers expect the film to continue its good run even after Kalki arrives.

The recent surge in popularity has brought a much-needed respite for Telugu theaters, which were grappling with a dearth of successful releases. On Saturday, ‘Maharaja’ drew more foot traffic than all other films combined at the Telugu box office. The Movie has been a resounding success in the Telugu states, crossing the safe zone within the first week of its release. It has even surpassed the 50-crore mark at the worldwide box office, with a significant chunk of the earnings pouring in from the Telugu states.

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