Apple Jumping on the AI Bandwagon: What to Expect?

Apple Jumping on the AI Bandwagon: What to Expect?

Apple is finally embracing AI tech like ChatGPT in its products, after previously taking a cautious approach. While companies like Google and Microsoft race ahead with new generative AI features, Apple no longer wants to be left lagging behind.

In the recent earnings call, Tim Cook confirmed that Apple is working on integrating generative AI into its offerings. He said they have “a lot of work going on internally” and are “incredibly excited” about some things they will announce later this year.

It is widely expected that Apple will preview the new capabilities at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. The features will likely first arrive in iOS 17, coming pre-installed on the upcoming iPhone 14 models expected in September. Rumors indicate AI could enhance Siri, enable smart replies in Messages, and improve apps like Music, Pages and Keynote.

By judiciously tapping AI, Apple hopes to add value for Indian users through more personalized, intelligent experiences across its products. But the company aims to maintain its commitment to privacy by using a mix of on-device and server-based models. While Apple is entering the AI race later than rivals, expect it to catch up swiftly but thoughtfully, in the classic Apple fashion.